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Getting to Know an ARCer (Episode 2)

12.06.12 / Chris Lind

How much do you really know about your fellow co-workers?  Sure, you probably know what project they’re working on and maybe you know how they commute into work each day.  But what about their favorite album?  Or where they grew up? Or (more importantly) if they prefer bagels or donuts?  Each ARCer is different and here is a quick profile of one of them.

Candace C. Naste, Intern Architect

·Hometown: I grew up in New Smyrna Beach, FL, however I was born in Brooklyn, NY where my heart is, and majority of my family remains.

·Years at ARC: I have been at ARC for a little over 5 years now.  I started working here three months after graduating college, and have been here ever since.

·Current Project: Recently, I have been working on some smaller lab renovations at Harvard Medical School for their Neurobiology, and Biological Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology Departments.  I’ve also been working on several planning studies for Tufts University’s Medford Campus.

·Happiest Place: I truly enjoy spending time with my 3 year old niece who lives in Florida.  I try to see her at least 3-4 times a year - I really look forward to my time with her.

·Desert Island Item: Phone maybe? Although I likely wouldn’t have cell service… A pillow! That’s what I would need.

·Current Obsession: Christmas music!  This is my favorite time of year.

·Last Accomplishment: I serve on the Executive Committee of the Wentworth Institute of Technology Alumni Association.

·Favorite Thing about Cambridge: Great restaurants!  Cambridge has stolen the foodie scene from Boston in the last few years.  Also, I love that Cambridge still hosts a lot of brick and mortar shops, and has not been taken over by big name stores.

·Bagels or donuts? Neither.  I have an intolerance to gluten so I try to avoid those tempting gluten filled items that circulate the office!



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