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In the Spirit of ThanksGIVING

11.21.12 / Emmy Yamaguchi

ARC's "Canstructure"

Last month ARC participated in the annual Canstruction event held at the new space for the Boston Society of Architects.  Some of you may be asking “What is Cantsruction?” Canstruction is a national nonprofit organization that holds annual design/ build competitions to construct fun and creative  large-scale structures made out of canned foods. During the competition, the creations go on display as public art exhibits. When the displays are taken down, the food used in the structures is donated to local food banks. Over the last 20 years, Canstruction has donated over 17.5 million pounds of food to community food banks.

“Fun and Games!” was this year’s theme for Canstruction. Boston’s A/E/C industry firms’ friendly competition did not fail to impress the judges with award categories such as “Best Meal,” “Structural Ingenuity,” and “Best Use of Labels” among others. Although our Monopoly-themed piece did not win an award for its structure, I am happy to report that ARC won the “Best Sign” category for our graphic illustration describing our structure – “Pass Go! (Collect 2130 Cans).”

Sign designed by Douglas Shilo:

The “Canstructures” stayed on display after the event at the BSA and all of the cans were donated to the Merrimack Valley Food Bank. This year 54,651 cans were donated which translates into 71,046 meals! Thanks to all that participated.

If you are interested in helping the fight against hunger, visit the websites for:

Merrimack Valley Food Bank

Ways to help the Greater Boston Food Bank 

Or if you are thinking about donating some food, read this article on 8 Lessons Learned Volunteering at the Food Bank

And for those of you interested in giving back this holiday season check out Boston’s Best Holiday Volunteer Opportunities for the Family


Some process images...

From Revit model:

To built structure!


Credits: ARC’s Canstruction team included Candace Naste (Team Captain), Lisa Schoenbrunn, Leslie DelleFave, Rebecca Boyer, Douglas Shilo, Jennifer Plume, Olivia Bowering, Danielle Fontaine, James Meinecke, and Emmy Yamaguchi.


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