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The Completion of Colby College Biomass Cogeneration Plant

01.05.12 / Christopher Angelakis, AIA, LEED AP

I went up to Colby to do the final punch for the exterior and architectural interior of the Colby College Biomass Steam Plant. This package of pictures is really worth looking at. Not only is there the first extensive documenting of the completed skin and interior, there is also some great video of a delivery of wood chips which is the first step in a Rube Goldbergian series of events that will end up providing steam to the campus while replacing 90% of the 1.1 million gallons of #6 oil that Colby burns per year with forestry waste.

This is all an effort on Colby College's part to cut their carbon emmisions as they commited to do through the Presidents' Climate Commitment. This is not dissimlar to the commitment that ARC has made towards creating Net Zero builidngs though the AIA 2030Commitment. We are proud to have taken part in this project since we feel its mission aligns with the mission that we are taking on here at ARC.

Forest waste + debris = ENERGY!


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