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05.08.19 / BY ARC

We all know what it feels like to experience the results of good design – holding a new cell phone that feels perfectly weighted and shaped to the palm of your hand or sliding into the driver’s seat of a new car that conforms effortlessly to your body, Often we don’t consciously notice the way design makes us feel, but we embrace it when it’s done well. 

So who gets to make the important design choices? Is the task reserved for those who went to design school, got degrees, and spend their days at a desk dedicated to the task of designing? The answer is no.

At ARC, we believe that everyone we engage with is a designer and a potential problem solver. We have learned over our 50 years in business that the design team is never exclusively our staff. Instead, it includes the people invested in the vision of the project – the clients, stakeholders, consultants, and the contractor, to name a few. We know that, as a collective, we are smarter together. More minds solving challenges together results in better solutions.

As we move into our 51st year, we’ve spent time thinking about and asking our clients what makes the ARC design process different. The answer is: the way it feels to design with us. We hear time and again that working with ARC is enlightening, engaging, and just plain fun. Our clients are an integral part of the design and, as a result, they feel an incredible sense of pride and ownership. We think that’s why, when looking at our portfolio, you’ll be hard-pressed to find clients we’ve only worked with once.

While we are well-versed in the language of architectural design, have sophisticated tools that allow us to move quickly and accurately, and show exceptional leadership in guiding a project through its development, it is the way we engage with the client, builder, users, and consultants that defines us and inspires our clients to come back to us. 

Most design firms measure success by evaluating if the program goals are met and the users have the desired experience after occupancy. We believe there is more to measure. For us, a project is successful only when the design problem was elegantly solved and the experience everyone had in the act of producing the project was fulfilling. We strive to engage our clients in a way that has them looking forward to the next design meeting and the next project. That’s what it should feel like to experience design.

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