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IIDANE Fashion Show: Behind the Scenes at ARC

10.23.17 / Theresa Palid

Participating in the IIDANE Fashion Show is an exciting and rewarding opportunity that demands not only significant time, but also immense creativity, teamwork and innovation. This year’s requirements stated that no more than 50% of an outfit could be constructed of fabric, including upholstery. Our team chose to challenge ourselves further by substantially completing our entire fashion line from only one material – wall covering.

The theme of the 2017 show was “Ritual.” ARC, partnering with ArcCom, Creative Materials Corporation, and McKearney Associates, decided to create a line inspired by courtship rituals - both in nature (think birds of paradise) and in humans (think flowers and red lipstick).

After some careful consideration, we selected ArcCom Striations wall covering in Winter White #1 as our featured material, and set out on a path to design our fashion line.

We cut strips of wall covering and wove them back together, hand-cut floral patterns, and made origami-like flower petals.

The team discovered that ripping the backing off the wall covering made a gauzy material, lending a dreamy look and movement to our outfits.

When we painstakingly pulled apart the backing into individual strands, we could tie it back together to make feathery tassels, suggestive of our birds of paradise inspiration. Earrings were created utilizing smaller tassels and detailed with Creative Materials tiles, smashed and set in resin.

Ultimately, constraints placed on us by both IIDANE and ourselves encouraged creativity and sparked innovation. Our process, deconstructing a material and finding unique ways to piece it back together, reflected our theme of courtship - gradual revelation of self that ultimately leads to true connections.

And, what’s more: our models looked beautiful and rocked the runway!

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