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Crossing the Charles: Part 3

05.13.15 / Deborah Avondoglio

We are just days away from our move to 501 Boylston Street!

ARC employees have been busy going through their desks and project files trying to organize what we’ll bring to the new office. What’s been found is a glimpse into ARC’s history: employee telephone lists from 1984, drawing sets from long-completed buildings, photos of employees past and present, building codes from 1998, and an Express Mail envelope posted in 1989 containing $13.15 in cash and a sheet of 10¢ postage stamps. Trash or treasure? It depends on who you ask.

Can you guess who this is? Hint: today is his birthday.

Moving crates have been delivered and packing is nearing completion. Boxes and packing materials are around every corner, conference rooms have been converted into staging areas and photos are being taken down from the walls. While we have a lot of work ahead of us to pack up in Cambridge and unpack in Boston, everyone is looking forward to a new chapter for ARC.

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