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ARC is a Finalist for Boston’s Living with Water Competition

02.26.15 / Jack Cochran

We are proud to announce that ARC, working with AKF Group and Pate Adams Landscape Architects, has been selected as a finalist for Boston’s Living with Water Competition. The competition featured over fifty teams comprised of 250 firms from many disciplines around the world, all of whom developed an approach to prepare Boston for storm surges and rising sea levels. The finalists were announced last night at the BSA Space.  

Our design, the Water Fun(d) (for Future Underwater Neighborhood District), sought to turn rising sea levels into a benefit for the North End, using income generated by water-based tourism to help fund infrastructure investments at public and private levels. We proposed doing what Boston has always done: build out and build up, but now allow water to come in at the same time and directing it to spur unique industry and tourist destinations.

We look forward to continuing to develop our proposal in Round Two and diving deeper into the policy and design that can help guide Boston’s evolution.

Please click here for a full description of our submission.  

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