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Middlebury Squash Facility Receives LEED Platinum Rating

09.26.14 / Jack Cochran

ARC is proud to announce that the Middlebury Squash Facility has just received a LEED Platinum rating, the firm’s first. Completed in 2013, the Squash Facility features extensive daylighting and lighting controls, well-insulated wall systems, reused squash courts from Middlebury’s former facility, and a green roof.

Middlebury College, in their ongoing commitment to sustainability, has been instrumental in achieving the rating, providing on-campus renewable energy, conducting energy assessments to monitor the building’s performance, and helping to divert 98% of construction waste from landfills. The center is expected to perform 56% more efficiently than code requires, nearing benchmarks set forward by the 2030 Challenge of performing 60% better than code.  ARC has made a voluntary commitment to design all buildings to be carbon neutral by 2030.

The building has exceeded ambitious sustainability goals set at the outset of the project, benefiting from design and energy guidelines becoming standard practice at ARC. Please check back soon for the first segment of a new blog series on sustainability in the contemporary architecture firm, where we’ll dive into the details of how the Squash Facility achieved Platinum status. 


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