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ARC Interiors Head to the Big Apple

05.16.14 / Stephen O'Connor

Recently, Madaline Hale, Jennifer Gregoire and I had the opportunity to visit New York City with Tandus carpet for a meeting with Suzanne Tick to tour her work-live studio.

Suzanne Tick is a highly accomplished textile designer and the founder of Suzanne Tick, Inc. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to meet with Suzanne in her studio to see her new designs and get a feel for the way she works. It was a comfortable and relaxed environment where we got to learn about her process and what inspires her.  We were able to understand how architecture and fashion are major contributors to her design sensibility and how she is able to derive pattern and texture from them.  Her designs are clear and focused, while creating emphasis to certain spaces in a room as well as aiding in way finding.  She has also developed a coordinating series of carpets that have a dynamic option for public spaces, a more toned down version for secondary spaces and finally a simple textural option for back of house or administrative spaces. Suzanne recently collaborated with Teknion to create a line of fabrics for their pieces as well as other lines.  Many of the colors and palettes she has developed are designed to coordinate with Tandus.

It was very interesting learning about her sampling and weaving process. Suzanne has a loom on site that is used at all stages of design process to perfect the weave and texture. Her weaving process is not limited to fabrics; she recently created a lighting installation with woven neon tubes where she used three color temperatures of white to create a large scale lighting installation.

After the studio tour we took to the streets and saw the highline as well as looked through the Vitra showroom where we saw many modern classics as well as ABC Home to see contemporary designers such as Flos, Arper and Tom Dixon.

We stayed at the uber posh Roger NYC on the corner of Madison Ave and E31st St. If you have not stayed there I encourage you to check it out!

The trip helped all of us to take a step back from our everyday responsibilities to understand how all of the products we integrate into our projects come to fruition. It was very interesting to see the many parallels to our own design process.

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