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ARC T-Shirt Design Competition

03.21.14 / Kate Francis

Last month ARCers' came together once again and held a firm-wide design competition, , in preparation for spring and the upcoming softball season, to create a company t-shirt inspired by the firm's logo.

Everyone in the firm was encouraged to submit designs and there were a lot of great entries. Some ideas included the Boston skyline and interesting prints and colors.  Some shirts were traditional while others played jokes on members of the firm.

Here are some of the submissions:

Designed by Tyler Baum

Designed by Kate Francis

During a Friday happy hour, everyone gathered for a friendly design critique and it was clear there was an obvious favorite among ARCers. Mark Diethelm had drawn a sketchy yet detailed design of several buildings whose roof tops were in the shape of “ARC”. The faded coloring and detail of the design made it a quick favorite. The following week, Mark’s design won the vote by a landslide! It was decided that gray T-shirts would best suit the vintage look of the design, and orders were quickly placed. ARC is sure to be the best dressed softball team this season!

Winning Design by Mark Diethelm 

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