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A Whole New World without Hunger

10.24.13 / Doug Shilo, LEED AP BD+C

8:00AM, Saturday, October 19th, 2013. Build-out day ...

Tens of thousands of cans cover the floor in piles. Architects, Contractors, and Engineers are already hard at work, stacking them in baffling, gravity-defying ways. We find our space under a hanging green stair. Next to our space is 365 cans of red salmon, 225 cans of tuna, 675 cans of garbanzo beans, 60 cans of tomato sauce, and 325 cans of candied yams. Time to get to work, we have a 7’-0” sculpture to complete.

ARC and 25 other firms built sculptures last weekend for the 18th Canstruction Boston charity event. Held annually, Canstruction is a national nonprofit organization that holds annual design/ build competitions to construct fun and creative large-scale structures made out of canned food. This exhibition will stay up in the BSA Space and the Atlantic Wharf Lobby until November 1st. After that, they will be disassembled and the food is donated to the Merrimack Valley Food Bank.

This year, the theme was “cinema and movies.” We are proud to report that ARC won an Honorable Mention Award for our submission entitled “A Whole New World without Hunger,” inspired by the story of Aladdin. This iconic, mystical tale is about an impoverished boy who achieves a better life. We hope our creation can bring joy to the act of giving, and translate to a better life for local families who are also impoverished and in need of food.

The finished result is pictured above. Participants this year include Rebecca Boyer, Danielle Fontaine, Jennifer Plume, Doug Shilo, Caitlin Walsh, Sara Briggs, Jamie Lee, Leslie DelleFave, Joshua Abraham, Joanna Frechette, Tyler Baum, and, our fearless leader, Candace Naste.

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