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IIDA Fashion Show

10.11.13 / Becky Boyer and Stephen O’Connor

Once again ARC did not disappoint with our ensembles for the 2013 IIDA Fashion Show. With close to 1,200 guests from the design industry in attendance, the annual event benefits Dress for Success, a non-profit organization that provides economic independence for disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, support and career development tools.

Aged to Perfection” was this year’s theme. Our team was inspired by the ephemeral moment between the life and death of a star: a nebula. Like all things, the stars we see in the sky have a lifecycle. A star’s lifecycle is truly never ending; whether it is a black hole or a nebula, stars beget stars.

ARC partnered with Ritz Associates, Unika Vaev, Tiger Leather, and Designtex to create our unique designs.

Unika Vaev is an upholstery line carried by Ritz Associates that was used heavily throughout each outfit for pattern or solid wool. Tiger Leather is a line of leathers carried by Ritz Associates. They have a wide range of options from understated to over the top. ARC chose glitzy metallic leathers as accents in each outfit.

Designtex is another upholstery line that was used for its sheer and screen fabric.  The sheer found its way into many different aspects of each outfit as it layered nicely in conjunction with other fabrics to create volume and visual weight to each piece. Each of these products were used in three different colorways to help distinguish the three outfits

The three outfits draw direct inspiration from a celestial image – the colors, sparkle, and volume of the nebula.  Each outfit transformed, much like a star would during its life cycle, and drew elements from the others as to create a cohesive collection.

Check out our catwalk in the link below:

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