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The Egg Project (Location: Cambridge, MA)

03.29.13 / Caitlin Walsh

Last week we got together to do some good old-fashioned egg decorating!  As we do with our completed building projects, we noted some lessons learned that we thought we'd share:

  1. Organic vegetable food coloring is a little bit harder to work with, but it is a minimal price to pay for a safer, sustainable product.
  2. Temperature control of the eggs is important to avoid condensation on the surface of the shells.
  3. Side by side product testing is a great way to compare performance (See photos: brown eggs don’t hold dye as well as the white eggs.)
  4. Creative use of nonconventional materials is always a good idea!

All in all, it was a lot of fun and we hope that everyone has a great weekend no matter what holiday you’re celebrating!

Just for kicks, the special, non-organic golden egg:


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