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Getting to Know an ARCer (Episode 3)

02.11.13 / Chris Lind

How much do you really know about your fellow co-workers?  Sure, you probably know what project they’re working on and maybe you know how they commute into work each day.  But what about their favorite album?  Or where they grew up? Or (more importantly) if they prefer bagels or donuts?  Each ARCer is different and here is a quick profile of one of them.

Alisa Nagano, Architect 

Hometown: Brookline, MA

Years at ARC: 9.28 as of February 11th, 2012

Current Project: Deerfield Academy Center for the Arts

Guilty Pleasure: Cake & Brit Coms

Happiest Place: In my kitchen cooking or baking

Desert Island Item: I couldn’t pick just one, better just surprise me

Current Obsession: Deep tissue massage

Last Accomplishment: Introducing myself to the Japanese Consul General

Favorite Thing about Cambridge: The view of Boston

Bagels or donuts? Cake


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